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Discord Rules

These rules are enforced within our discord server.

[Be respectful to everyone]
• Do not attempt to start any sort of drama towards anyone or try to fuel it.
• Do not be rude or toxic to any of the other server members. This includes making threats, discrimination, leaking personal information, encouraging violence, etc.

[English only]
• We are an English-speaking server and it’s hard for others to understand you if you do speak a different language. If you need to talk, please translate using a web translator. This rule is also set to make sure people don't break the rules in another language without us knowing.

[PG content]
• Swearing is NOT allowed.
• No Sexism, racism, slurs, and homophobic actions.
• Do not post anything that is NSFW (Not Safe For Work). This includes GIFS too.
• Do not create inappropriate nicknames.

[No spamming, this includes…]
• Any chained messages.
• Mass mentioning members.
• Sending huge blocks of text and/or copy and paste messages.
• Sending multiple of the same emoji.
• Sending duplicated messages.

[No Advertising, this includes…]
• Advertising a Discord and or Minecraft server.
• Advertising the buying or selling of alts/capes/clients etc.
• PMing other members on the server to advertise.

[Anything in Discord’s TOS applies]
• Please follow Discord’s TOS (https://discordapp.com/terms and https://discordapp.com/guidelines).
• Failure to follow Discord's Terms of Service or Discord's Community Guidelines will result in a ban from the Pandorian Discord.